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  • Computer study
    Text Decoration Text Decoration In this chapter, we will understand how to decorate text in PowerPoint 2010. PowerPoint offers many text decoration features and adds to the aesthetic sense of a presentation. These features can be accessed from the Homeribbon under the Font group.  Given below are the various font decoration features and their functions in PowerPoint.Continue reading “Computer study”
  • Computer study
    Mobile Mobile computers are the systems, which are physically not remain connected to specific place rather these are mobile in nature, as one can carry anywhere anytime. The mobile computer technology carries battery back; therefore, it does not require consistent electric power.  Mobile computers can be connected with Internet through wire or the connectionContinue reading “Computer study”
  • Computer study
    Extranet An extranet is a sort of personalized service, which is controlled and regulated by private network. This personalized and controlled technology provides access only to partners, vendors, and suppliers; sometimes, not essentially, but also to some specific customers. An extranet is a private network organization, which is actually the part of respective company’s intranetContinue reading “Computer study”
  • Computer study
    Software Programming In order to make a computer functional, a set of instructions need to be programmed, as these programmed languages are carriers to the performance of a task. Likewise, a computer accepts users’ instructions in the form of computer programming and then carries out the given task.  Features of Software Programming A computerContinue reading “Computer study”
  • Company study
    Computer Networking Terminology In this chapter, we will discuss the major terminologies used in computer networking − WAN It stands for Wide Area Network and covers a wide area such as a city. LAN It stands for Local Area Network and covers a small area such as a small office or home. It physically connectsContinue reading “Company study”
  • Computer programming language
    this blog is all about computer programming language
  • Computer study
    Computer Security – Overview In this tutorial, we will treat the concept of Computer Security which can be a laptop, a workstation, a server or a network device. This tutorial is done mainly for people that are within the IT industry who are IT specialists, System administrators, Security administrators. Why Security? Cyberspace (internet, work environment,Continue reading “Computer study”
  • Computer study→ (virus)
    Virus A virus is a computer code or program, which is capable of affecting your computer data badly by corrupting or destroying them. Computer virus has the tendency to make its duplicate copies at a swift pace, and also spread it across every folder and damage the data of your computer system. A computer virusContinue reading “Computer study→ (virus)”
  • Word of reflection and wisdom
    The only acceptable selfishness is making sure that everyone is okay so they can become a better person You can fool everyone all the time.you can fool some people all the time.but you can’t fool everybody all the same time Lazy people always talk about what they intend to do, what they are going toContinue reading “Word of reflection and wisdom”
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